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Program started in 2021

First of its kind in San Diego County

Loads of Dignity

We strive to alleviate the burden faced by those experiencing homelessness, ensuring they have clean and fresh clothing. Through laundry, we hope to enhance their well-being, boost their self-confidence, and create a positive impact in their lives.

Washed over 750+ loads of laundry

4 Washers

4 Dryers


Free boxing gear

Boxing classes for all ages

Champions Club

Boxing offers a vast array of physical and mental advantages. Physically, boxing improves cardiovascular fitness, balance, endurance, strength, and hand-eye coordination. Psychologically, it fosters confidence, concentration, resilience, self-awareness, and stress relief

Weekly sessions

20+ participants per session


Cameras, lighting and set designs

Creative Lens

Film media programs are educational initiatives that focus on teaching individuals about various aspects of filmmaking, media production, and storytelling. These programs are designed to provide opportunities to learn, explore, and express themselves through the medium of film.

Podcast stations with live streaming capacity

Mobile studio trailer

Video and photography sets


4 Locations

200+ families

Weekly after hours distribution

Fresh Box

We work hard to provide as much food as possible when they most need it, where they most feel comfortable to receive it without asking why they need it.​ Nobody should feel ashamed for receiving a box of food.

1,695,698 + Pounds of food served

1,006,980+Diapers distributed

Students of all ages participate

Drills, set plays and scrimmages

Cheetos League

Youth soccer summer camps are programs designed to provide young players with an opportunity to improve their soccer skills, learn new techniques, and develop a deeper understanding of the game and teamwork. 

Lunch and transportation 

30+ youth players plus parent coaches


Entrepreneurship classes

Wraparound support

Community Wrap

Mentoring ensures youth that someone cares, offers support through challenges, and validates their worth. Mentoring has a profound impact on personal, academic, and professional aspects of young people's lives.

Restoratice practices

Fishing , amusement parks and community events

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