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Making connections through experiences

The importance of our work

By dedicating resources to individuals' microsystems, we can improve personal behavior for a positive response which prevents negative outcomes. In return, we can create healthier family environments, design safer neighborhoods, and improve economic foundations for working individuals.


All through the power of human connection, guided by our collective personal stories.


Our Mission

Dedicated to improving individuals' well-being by addressing their physical, emotional, and social needs through the narratives of our lived experiences.

Our Friends

Mobile Laundry

We created the first mobile laundromat trailer in San Diego County, providing a unique opportunity to help unsheltered individuals in obtaining clean clothes.

Wellness Center

Our partnership with local school districts aims to support students and their families by addressing their fundamental needs through various initiatives including providing laundry services, ensuring access to nutritious food, and offering summer and afterschool programs.


We pair justice-involved youth with caring mentors for guidance and skill development, providing holistic support including counseling, education assistance, and community resources. Skill-building workshops and ongoing peer support promote positive choices and prevent relapses.

Food Pantry

With an empathetic approach, we cater to underserved communities by supplying fresh produce to hardworking families in their own neighborhoods during off-hours.

Equity Statement

Over the past five years, we have dedicated ourselves to providing services and promoting a healthy lifestyle in San Diego County. Through this journey, we have come to understand that poverty often stems from deep-seated systemic racial, gender, and financial inequalities. These barriers are erected by the pervasive force of systemic racism.

We wholeheartedly embrace our ongoing obligation to foster equitable outcomes for those we serve. We acknowledge that this commitment to social justice marks a profound transformation for our charitable organization.

Our objective is to ensure that every individual feels heard, respected, and valued recognizing that privilege, unconscious biases, racial, cultural and economic injustices impact not only our team members but also the communities we strive to empower.


What is lived experience and why does it matter?

Lived experience stems from direct human interactions that shape perspectives and cultivate resilience, acquired by facing challenges such as poverty, discrimination, or health issues. It molds emotional and cognitive responses to adversity, nurturing empathy for those undergoing events we have personally encountered.

Establishing connections through an empathetic approach entails comprehending and valuing the personal life stories of others. This method nurtures a deeper bond among individuals, fostering trust and enhancing relationships, whether in parenting, counseling, mentoring, or any other interpersonal context. Additionally, it plays a crucial role in dismantling barriers, advocating for new policies, and initiating social innovation initiatives that contribute to the development of long-term solutions.

Volunteer opportunities

Whether you’re helping to distribute food, mentoring young adults, or helping us fold laundry, the best way to give back to your community is to volunteer. Join our efforts!

Donate to our laundry trailer

Our laundry trailer needs a lot of love and with your help we can it keep performing at its best for people who need it the most. Please consider donating to our laundry project.


Feedback matters

“We love the boxing class!” -Hugo

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